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Chile: Location

Situated on South America’s west coast, Chile is one of the largest quality fruit exporters in the world. Home to seven dramatically different climatic regions and numerous agricultural valleys, the area serves as the setting for a rich supply of delicious, nutritious fruits. In fact, Chile is one of the world’s largest fruit exporters, offering a counter–seasonal supply of some of your favorite fruits!

Chile: Harvest And Seasons

Thanks to Chile’s counter–seasonal harvest, the world has access to a variety of fresh fruit, year round. So as winter approaches, you can continue to enjoy your favorite summertime fruits, like grapes, blueberries, and stone fruits. Come summer, the bounty continues with the juicy goodness of Chilean citrus and kiwifruit.


U.S. relaxes Chilean lemon import rules

Because of the increased volume and later start, Economou expects imports from Chile to last a bit later into spring than might be typical.